«I was afraid that she’ll have an angel wings! I am very happy to know that she is a human child».


Then, I send the bread — the consecrated prosphora and the unconsecrated one — they should warm it up and eat. I also send the holy pictures for our wounded officers, but I do not know how many of them we have, and some are not Orthodox. Give over the rest to the officers in your hospital. I hope that you send me a letter. May God bless and protect you. A thousand kisses from your old mother — a mummy who misses you very much. » 

(Alexandra  Feodorovna. Letter to Nicolas II of  March 13, 1916)



Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna was the most beautiful, typically Russian, good-natured, cheerful and friendly girl with smooth temper. She knew how and loved to talk with everyone, especially with regular people. While walking in the park, she used to make conversation with guard soldiers, questioned them and remembered very well names of their wives, how many children they have, how much land, etc. She always had many common topics for conversations with them. For her simplicity she was nicknamed “Masha” in her family; her sisters and Tsarevich Alexei Nikolaevich called her his name.