Oh, here comes the snow

10 апреля. 1910 г.

To my cousin Dick

Tsarskoye Selo

My dear Dick. I want to see you. How is the weather there? Are you all alone in London now? When will you get to meet your sisters?

September 22, 1914.

to my Papá

Tsarskoye Selo 

Congratulations to You on your victory. We were in Alexei’s train today. We saw many wounded. On the way, three people died, they are two officers. There was Madame Kublitskaya. We saw Poretsky, he is very old. Pretty serious wounds, so maybe in 2 days one soldier will die, they were

moaning. Then we went to the Grand Palace’s hospital; Mom and sisters were bandaging, and Maria and I went to all the wounded, we talked to everyone, one showed me a very large shrapnel shard, took him out of his leg, a heavy piece. Everyone said they want to repay the enemy!

I just got out of the bath. Alexei is cheerful, his leg hurts a little bit. At 6 o’clock we came back to the small Hospital and there we stayed until twenty to eight. So it was good and fun. Your little shooter’s hand hurts so bad that here he can’t stay in bed so he is always walking. Sleep well and see me in your dream. Kiss You a 1000 times, Your loving daughter 13-year-old God’s slave.

September 22, 1914

to my Papá

Tsarskoye Selo 

Olga has just received your telegram.  I’m going to pray with Alexei now, and afterwards I’ll finish this letter.  It is cold and sunny here.   Today we worked at Olga’s warehouse.  Alexei feels better; he is merry and laughs a lot, so he is much better now.   15 new soldiers arrived at my and Maria’s hospital, but we have not been there yet.   Today we 4 had dinner alone, and Mamá had a little lunch in bed.   Sisters who go to the front visited Mamá.   Countess Kutuzova looked beautiful, 3 Sasha’s sisters and 2 nieces were here.   Then the hussar’s wife, he’s killed, I forgot his name, she’s not that beautiful.  

I’m going to Alexei.   I returned from Alexei, I took a bath and I’m writing now. I hope you sleep well.   I also have to prepare lessons, it’s boring.  It’s been long time we went on bicycles and passed under the windows of the duty room.   It’s probably because it’s cold.   Madame Dediulina said that she has a distant relative, Dediulin, in the Keksgolm regiment, and he is held captive by the Germans in Danzig, and that there are five officers in prison.  Now in the small church of the Consolidated Regiment, there is a lithurgy every day at 9 am, and Mamá was there with Olga in the morning.   Shura hurries me to write, because it’s time to sleep, but I, of course, do not want to go to sleep.   Count Schulenburg brought Alexei a German gun, then a helmet with a cover, a sword, shoulder straps of the 147th regiment and a silver sash with tassels, evidently ceremonial ones, a shard from shrapnel and, I think, a bullet.   The gun and the sword has a carving, they were handed over for polishing, and also the cover, it is stained obviously.   Alexei was very happy.   He is already leaving tomorrow, I think. It is necessary to finish.

I wish You all the best. Waiting for You!!!  Loving You with all my heart Yours faithfully a God’s slave 13-year-old Nastasia (Shvybzik)

September 24, 1914

to my Papá

Tsarskoye Selo

Kako Taco Plinta? (What is plinthe?)  I’ve just come back from Anya, Nikolai Pavlovich was there too.  Today Maria and I went to our soldiers, they had relatives, we talked with new ones.  Upstairs it is prepared for officers, it is so cozy and bright there, terrific, curtain lace from artisan matter and very bright and warm.  We had frost on the grass in the morning, and there was some kind of ice.  I was going to crack it.  

I just bathed and now I’m sitting clean as I don’t know what.  Again, Maria and I worked in the warehouse, and Olga and Tatiana were in Petrograd.   Today Lisa is hurrying me to bed, but I will not go of course.   Maria stayed with Anya, and I’m waiting for her because I’m alone and I’m bored.  It turns out that Count Grancy came here.  I did not write a diary a very long time, there was no time.  It is so boring!  I greet you your Imperial Majesty.  Hurray! [рисунок] I’m bowing down to everyone.   Wish you a nice sleep.  May God bless You.  Your loving daughter, the 13-year-old, by the name of Nastasia with a patronymic Nikolaevna, and a surname Romanova.  Shvybzik. ANRPZSG.  Artichokes!!! and then Rhododendron.  Hurray!!!  1,000,000 kisses.

October 21-22, 1914

to my Papá

Tsarskoye Selo

My good and tender Papá! We just returned from our infirmary, we were at the dying soldier’s and the others too.  They are so nice.  We were at your officers, there, where your shooters are.   Ortypo was there too, and everyone was terribly happy.   So I got up, got dressed and at quarter past 10 am we are going to the church down the road for a mass; I slept miraculously and never woke up.   Now there are 4 degrees Celsius, frosty and cloudy.  I just brought Ortypo to Tatiana, he kisses you, he is rompy and very cute.   The older sisters are going to Petrograd, and we are staying at home.  The ice is strong, the children are running along it and the grown ups too. 

My stomach is hungry, it already cracks, asking for food.  Alexei seems to have slept well, I only visited him for a minute.  He is now drinking tea, I can hear. We were at the service, had breakfast with Mamá and sisters , Alexei, we talked about You! Now Maria, Mamá and I, we will go to Mamá train with a warehouse.  I have to dress, I’m sorry.  Hugs and kisses. Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!  All the best.  Send a bow to Nikolai Pavlovich.  Your loving daughter

Nastasia. Shvybzik.

God bless You, my dear Papá.

October 21-22, 1914

to my Papá

Царское Село 

We have just finished our lunch. Here I am sending You my nice photo. I’m sure You will be happy.  I was sitting today with our soldier and I helped him to read, it was very nice.  We learn him to read and to write.  Two more poor died yesterday, we also sat with them.  Mamá is leaving tonight with Olga, Tatyana, Olya(Olga Byutseva —a maid of honor of Al. Fyodorovna) and Anya for Pskov.  Today there were five degrees Celsius, and it was snowing with rain and there was quite a strong wind, but not a gale.  Now, Ortypo is running around the room with Tatyana.  At nine o’clock Maklakov and Malama will be at Mamá’s, it’s very nice. 

I made this photo myself though the mirror, and it was hard because my hands were shaking.  How is Nokolai Pavlovich? So it got dirty, because Olga interrupted me.  I had seven lessons today, and tomorrow there will be four or five. Well!  It’s been a long time I haven’t written aunt Olga.

Here came Malama, he sits on a chair with my sisters.  Olga asked me to kiss You again very tightly.  I’ve already taken a bath, and now I must go to bed. I’ll finish the letter tomorrow.  Mamá asked me to say that she had talked with Maklakov, that he had arranged everything and that everything was fine.  She kisses You very deeply and very much regrets that she can not write, because she does not have time.  Tatiana tightly kisses.

January 25, 1915

to my Papa

 Tsarskoye Selo 

My precious Papa darling! Now we are going to church. The weather is wonderful now, the sun shines so nicely.

Yesterday Mamá’s train arrived with the wounded. I wish I were with you! I will finish this letter later as I will be late for church. Well, we just got back from our infirmary. 11 lower ranks arrived there. This one poor young officer, who was injured in the head and therefore cannot speak and can barely hear. I got a letter from a soldier. We went to Glindeman’s wedding, he is from the 3rd Sharpshooter regiment. His current wife is sweet and very young. Their wedding took place at the Palace lower church. Of course there was some confusion prior to it, because no one knew where it will take place, and poor Glindeman ran around and did not know what to do.

Right now we will have tea, but Mamá and Olga and Tatiana have not returned from the Grand Palace yet. They have been there for over an hour already. Regards to Nikolai Pavlovich and to Mordvinov too. Vachnadze can walk already, he is a Nizhegorodetz. Well, I think I told you everything we did. Kiss to Aunt Olga.

Goodbye, Papa darling. I give you a big kiss, your loving daughter

Крепко Тебя целую, любящая Тебя Твоя дочь


March 23, 1915
to my Papá

Tsarskoye Selo 

Happy Easter! † From all my little heart I congratulate You my dear and golden Papá Darling.  Be happy and healthy.  Kiss You deeply 1,000.

Loving daughter ANRIKZS. Nastaska. Shvybzik. 

April 12, 1915
To my Papá

Tsarskoye Selo 

My golden Papá Darling. We just had breakfast on the balcony, it was so nice.  During the mass we sang «Lord have mercy» by Tchaikovsky and we all thought about You Papá Darling.  Last night we were at Anya’s, there were Demyenkov, Shvedov and Zborovsky. We had to rehearse our thing (theatrical play). We were dying with laughter глядя looking at the actors; and today at five and a half Alexei and I are going to Anya. Alex wanted to go with the Derevenka’s boys and with Kolya to Peterhof, I think tomorrow he will write you about it. 

Of course, Uncle Paul will drink tea with us. It’s so boring.  Maria received many gifts and a lot of things from the «Sobstvennaya Dacha» from Peterhof. Maria and I recently have played tennis. I hope that soon we will play again.  Yesterday we had dinner with Maria Boryatinskaya, she went to Kiev, I think to the funerals of her brother.  Almost all the time when we are at homewe are sitting at the balcony together with Mamá; we also had lunch there. 

Tomorrow Demenkov is on duty, so we’ll probably see him.  Ortypo rushes into the room and runs around for a long time looking for You and when he doesn’t find You he jumps to Mamá onto her knees.  I would love to be next to You. Now I’m sitting and stuffing myself with carrot and reddish, so yummy!   Now at 11 o’clock I go to Alexey and munch with pleasure a try sample, and almost all the teachers take part in this too.  Though it’s boring without my pretty Shvybzik… 

Yesterday Mamá and I were to the Red Cross, it’s very good there.  Now there is a lot of sun.  How scattered my thoughts are! когда I start writing something, then another and I do not have time to finish the first one, and then I have to finish.  Have a nice sleep.  May the God be with You.  Kiss You hard 1,000,000 times, loving You as hard as I can Your daughter Nastaska. Kaspiyets. Shvybzik. ANRPKZSG. I’m sorry for a boring letter.

June 12, 1915
to me Papá

Tsarskoye Selo

We have just finished dinner, and Shvybzik is getting terribly busy with Ortipo. This morning we went to church, as usual. Then we had breakfast. Then Olga, Maria and Tatiana rode, the eldest steered themselves. Mamá and Anya sat on the balcony. We then went to the local infirmary to [see] the wounded. There are more than a 100 of them there already, and one of Mamá’s Crimeans was there, black like an agate.

Then we also went to the Siberian regiment infirmary, there were 50 lower ranks. This morning it was raining, but later it got wonderfully sunny and kind of humid. At 5 o’clock we went to Anya’s, Shvedov, Zborovsky and Demenkov were there, it was very nice. We had tea in the dining room, and almost the entire time there played various games. Shvybzik was there of course. Viktor Erastovich thinks that Shvybzik would make a very good diver. The lake in front of the entrance, there is almost no ice [on it], so pleasant. Olga is playing the piano. So tiresome that [we have] lessons tomorrow. I would like to ride my bicycle tomorrow. I am so embarrassed that my thoughts are so scattered. The “Garden of Eden” was almost entirely under water. It’s so nice that you were able to visit everywhere, and the Peremyshel. Mamá was terribly happy to get your telegram. Nagorny said that one cannot walk on the ice edges and that the ice is much softer but he could not break it, as he was taking a walk, I think.

Mamá is reading a letter from the soldiers, one of them is so awfully sweet, here it is: “To Her Imperial Majesty the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna. Dear Madame! Your Easter gifts transformed the soldiers! They were all filled with irrepressible fortitude and courage. Like the Saintly Apostles on the day when the Holy Spirit visited them [and] they spoke in foreign tongues, we too now express our joy though various events, only with subtle anticipation. Limitlessly loyal to Your Imperial Majesty, the front position warrior of the 183rd Infantry of Pultunsk Regiment, who is always ready to give response.” Sweet. Here is one more. I will rewrite it with the [original] mistakes.

The letter from April 5, 1915. “In the first line of my letter, I greet you my dear Mamá your Imperial Majesty Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, regards from your little son Fedor Ivanovich I bow low to you and wish you good health from the Lord and from all us Christians wish you long life Received your package on 4 Apr. Received Fedor Ivanovich”.

Well. Probably they will bring Anya here again, as she has been here every day. I will now squeeze [juice] from an orange and then have a lesson.

I kiss you affectionately. Your faithful and loyal daughter.

Shvybzik ANRPKZS- Nastasia.




June 18, 1915

To my precious and darling Papá

Tsarskoye Selo

Finally the weather is good and it’s hot, even stuffy.  I’m hot because I ran up and down the ladder.  Mamá has visitors.  Anya just had breakfast with us and left, because she is going to Petrograd to her parents and tomorrow she will come back.  Today it was not pleasant to have lessons because it’s hot.  We continue to go to the infirmary.  Our poor old ensign of the 5th Siberian Regiment, he came 3 days ago, today he feels so bad, probably he will not survive … 

Olga and Tatyana were in Petrograd yesterday.  Olga had a donation, and then they went to drink tea to Grandma on Elagin island.  Vasya was there and he lives there, and they came back by car. Yesterday Nikolai Dmitriyevich Demenkov was on duty.  We went with Maria on a bicycle and watched as a Nagorny was fishing, he caught a only one fish  и поймал только одну рыбу and then, let it swim away.  Fingers do not obey and do not write, hands are wet, so disgusting.  Regards to Nikolai Pavlovich and others.  Kiss you deeply 10,000,000 times. God bless You.  Loving you, your own faithful and devoted Nastaska. Kaspiyits 148 Shvybzik. ANRPKZSG.

Aunt Olga wrote that the poor «Daphne» had died, and she and Emilia Ivanovna buried him and cried.

Your loving loyal and faithful Shvybzik ANRPKZSG — Nastasya.

June 22, 1915

To my precious and darling Papá

Tsarskoye Selo

I’m always touched when You send kisses to us in Mamá’s letters and telegrams.  Not it is warm and sunny.  My and Maria’s beds are in the middle of the room. It’s better to sleep there. We open the window and it becomes very pleasant and comfortable, but it is much better in the train.  Yesterday we were in the Grand Palace in the infirmary and we saw your scout and he told us that you talked to him and he was very embarrassed, he seems to be having an operation, although it is not for sure.  

In the evening Mamá with sisters went for a ride in a car, and I went to sleep.  Yesterday we were at Anya’s.  There were Viktor Erastovich, Nikolai Dmitrievich Zolotarev, Fedyushkin (Yuzik) and Rogozhin.  He is very nice, but of course the first time he was very embarrassed, well that’s ok.  During the tea yesterday at Anya’s we all sat on the balcony and it was very warm.  The curtains were lowered, because people are watching, Well there was a lady with a baby in her arms and at this time we all fell silent for some reason, and a boy said “Mamá, I want a-a”, and then repeated the same again. 

We thought that no one had heard, but everyone had heard and died laughing for a long time everyone was laughing, then they were silent and again died with laughter at all the tears flowed, and Demenkov did not hear anything and thought, laughed at him, but then Victor Erastovich explained on the ear.  Before that yesterday we had tea with Kostya and Tatiana.  They were in a very good mood.  Kostya is leaving soon that’s why he was happy, and Tatyana for the company, but she was with a medal.  Now I’m going to the lesson and then I’ll finish writing.  Well, we already had breakfast, but Mamá did not come back for a long time from the infirmary for a very long time, only at the age of the second came.

Mamá has visitors now. Now in the evening they sit with lamps on a balcony until 11h. and sisters say that it’s very cozy, but I have not seen it yet. In the afternoon we go to the warehouse, to roll the bandages — it’s fun and there are different familiar ladies.  I hope that you will come back soon.  We study here on the balcony sometimes, and once we went out into the garden, while they were wiring for the lamps on the balcony. Regards to your companions.  God bless you. Have good sleep. Loving you from all my hard.  You loyal and faithful.  Nastaska. Kaspiyits. (Shvybzik). 




August 26, 1915
To my precious and darling Papá

Tsarskoye Selo

I am sitting on the sofa near Aleksey who is having dinner with M. Gilliard and Maria is running about making very much noise. Now I can go to the infirmary, but the weather is so disgusting and cold that I do not go out.  This morning Ostrogorsky was with me, but Maria and I still stayed in bed, then Maria got under the blanket and lay there, then he came in and listened to me, but when he had finished, I quietly opened the blanket and Maria had to get out and she was very embarrassed. 

But as soon as he disappeared behind the door, I was overthrown to the floor.  In the afternoon we did not do anything interesting.  Olga and Tatiana went to the city, and Maria and I were in our infirmary. The officer was terribly funny as always.  Then we spent time with Alexei, when we are free, we always sit with him.

August 27, 1915
To my precious and darling Papá

Tsarskoye Selo 

August 27. I’m still in bed, and Mamá and the sisters are going to church, I also want to go, I already wrote Mamá to ask but I do not know what the answer will be.  Today, fortunately there is no wind, but a little bit of sun peeps out.  Maria and I continue to sleep in the middle of the room and I think that we will not move from here, because it’s much better here.  In the morning we were at the service and then in the infirmary near Mamá.  In the afternoon we took a ride with Mamá and Anya and met the terrible old ladies.

Now we are sitting and uncle Pavel will be here before tea time.  Maria was delighted, because when we left the church, there was fat Demenkov, but there were no other good people. Alexei is now playing with little Alexei and Sergei.  I’m so sorry, but I must go to have tea.  Wish you all the best. Regards to Nikolai Pavlovich. Wish you a good sleep.  Do not get tired too much.  Kiss you deeply 10,000,000 times. God bless You.  Loving you, your faithful and devoted daughter. Kaspiyits. Nastaska. (Shvybzik). 

September 4, 1915
To my precious and darling Papá

Tsarskoye Selo 

In the afternoon we were in our hospital at the concert. There was De La Zari, then 3 people who sang, a young lady who danced, then a young lady who danced and sang. And there was also the little man whom we had seen at Anya’s in winter a long time before. He told such funny stories that everybody was dying of laughter, but he did not laugh at all, I can not remember what his name is if I remember, then I’ll write you.

Nikolai Dmitrievich was also there, he was very fat and wore a blue uniform jacket. The soldiers were terribly pleased — they applauded with all their might and our ridiculous officer made them shout «encore».  I’m sitting with your old cigarette, which you gave me once and it’s very tasty.  Thank you very much for all the kisses that you send me in telegrams and letters.  Today we have lunch цшер Mitya Den.  Yesterday I received one of my officers and he brought me a report from my regiment.  Very interesting.  He was not wounded, he was released for several weeks and he is already returning.  Now, fortunately, he says that the wounded officers begin to return to the regiment, but now there are two wounded in Petrograd.

Now it’s so dark that you have to light a lamp, it’s very boring.  You probably see Victor Erastovich from afar? — I’m jealous of you.  Oh! I remembered his name is Sladokopevtsev, he is younger than me, I proudly noticed it.  Now I have to go to prepare lessons.  Many regards to Nikolai Pavlovich.  Желаю Wish you all the best.  God bless You. Loving you, your faithful and devoted Kaspiyits. Kisses. 1,000 times.

September 13, 1915

To my precious and darling Papá

Tsarskoye Selo 

I’m so sorry that I did not write in my turn, but I did not have a minute of time.  I was very pleased that you wrote that I saw V.E. and of course I was jealous of you.  The day before yesterday Tatiana Andreevna Gromova цфы руку. On Tuesday she will go to Aunt Olga in Kiev, she is very happy to go.  It’s raining now and it’s windy and cold, so the weather is nasty and we have not decided what we’re going to do, although probably Maria and I will go to our infantry.  What we did yesterday with Monsieur Gilliard is a horror, we pushed him and punched him, he had to bear a lot from us!  Olga received a long letter from Mordvinov.  He remembered how the sisters got out of the car and that he was in such despair.

It’s so disgusting! There lives a mouse in Maria’s and my bedroom. I saw it in the morning and at night I heard it make a scratching noise.  Today it’s been three weeks since you left —that’s too much! It’s boring! Lessons continue, but on Monday there won’t be lessons, because of the holiday, which is very nice!  Well, we were in our infirmary, and then all four of us walked under the little rain, the weather was unpleasant. Three of our wounded ones who were in the Consolidated Regiment returned there and I already saw them in our round hall with men on duty.  Now I am sitting in Mamá’s big room and Anya is reading aloud to Mamá.  We just had tea, and now we are going to church, and I have to get dressed unfortunately.  Regards to Nikolai Pavlovich. God bless You.  Kiss you deeply 100,000 times.  Loving you, your faithful and devoted. Kaspiyits.

October 3, 1915
To my precious and darling Papá

Tsarskoye Selo

We just arrived from the church, which is in the Kazan cemetery, and tomorrow it will be consecrated. She’s terribly small, wooden, there were only sisters and a team of convalescents, but tomorrow there seem to be a lot of people.  There was one psalm reader who read so incredibly funny that it was simply impossible not to laugh.  We will now go to Ana, there will be Gregory.  Today I wrote to Alexei.  I can now imagine how you live, because You draw it for us.  Tell Aleksei that I play the balalaika as well as the sisters.

When we took a ride this afternoon, we met Princess Paley and her little two daughters, they were walking in Pavlovsk. The boats were taken away, and the little ice was in the morning.  We walk in the morning and we saw Alexei and Sergei, they are bored playing without Alexei.  Fire spots and two old potatoes are still there.  Tomorrow I will finish writing. I wholeheartedly kiss you and miss you, without you it’s empty.

October 3, 1915

To my precious and darling Papá

Tsarskoye Selo 

Well, in the morning we were at the service and at the consecration of a small church in the cemetery, it was very good, and, of course, the meeting was also.  Today, in mine and Marie’s infirmary one ensign died, so he will be the first in this small church.  Mamá just received a telegram from Grabbe and a letter from Alexei.

Today it’s cold, but it’s sunny, we’ll go now to our infirmary, and then we’ll ride with Mamá.  Olga and Tatyana went to an operation, which Vladimir Nikolayevich will do, because the princess is ill.  Probably sisters already wrote You what  happened to her. I congratulate You on the holiday of the Convoy.  it’s such a pity that we haven’t not seen them, if you had a parade!.. So, I wrote to Alexei again, tell him, please, Now I’m leaving, and then I’ll finish writing. Now we are all drinking tea with Mamá and Anya.  In the afternoon Marie and I were in our infirmary, and then we were riding, and my hands feel so that it’s hard to write.

Mamá has just received a telegram from You, and You had a small parade, and we had nothing!  What a dirty trick!!!  “Sleep, praise the worthy, sleep everyone»  Such an awfully nice letter Alexei wrote, it’s terrible.  Now I finish. Kiss You and and Alexei darling 1,000,000 times.  Send a bow to Nikolai Pavlovich.  Sleep well. God bless you! Wish you all the best.  Loving You, Yours loyal and faithful always and everywhere.  Hussar Ulan and Dragun are kissing You.


29 November, 1915
My dear Papá Darling

Tsarskoe Selo 

We just had breakfast with Lolo Dolgorukaya and I ran from there in order to write to you. Nothing much happened except that we went to Anya’s yesterday and Viktor Erastovich and Nikolai Dmitrievich were there. This was after dinner at 9 o’cl. Well that was nice. And this morning we went to Obednya and ran into Viktor Erastovich. He said that Shvedov arrived here. Before Obednya Gulyga came over to bid farewell to Mama, he is leaving today too. Well that is all the news, and the rest is the same as usual.

Right now it is snowing hard and is 10 degrees below. Yesterday Maria Pavlovna the Younger had tea with us and looked very adorable because she has curly hair, they curled it for her and it looks very good on her, so we approved. Yesterday during our ride we ran into Princess Palei, alone in Pavlovsk on skis, it was so cute, she could hardly move her legs. When we rode past her, we hooted with laughter a lot and for a long time, but of course she did not see or hear us. Tell Alexei that ‘Joy’ sends kisses and misses him a lot..

He came to us this morning and sat near us and was so sweet but sad. Does the door from your study to the white hall creak? Regrettably I must end. I feel sorry that this letter is so boring, but we never do or see anything interesting, but continue putting on ‘Vova Has Adapted’ and sing the same things we did when you were here. I send you and Alexei a big kiss and squeeze you in my modest embraces. Your loving loyal and faithful Kaspiyits.


3 декабря 1915 г.
To my precious and darling Papá

Tsarskoye Selo

My sweet and dear Papá Darling.  I very much congratulate you and wish you all the best.  Now I’m sitting with a desperate heartbeat in Orchy’s room with Marie, because I was preparing to start writing and at this moment an awful crackling is heard and I fall onto the floor together with a broken chair’s leg; I beat my dear little leg a little and therefore could not get up right away, but now thanks to You my leg does not hurt and I’m healthy again.  We have just been to Mamá and there is sitting charming Madame Zizi.

Today Mama will receive Victor Erastovich and Alexander Konstantinovich, they will say goodbye, because tomorrow they are already leaving for Mogilev.  Now it’s snowing and the weather is damp.  We yesterday were on the  Sonya’s removal and she is now in the «Znameniye» and we were at a funeral service there the same evening, there were a lot of people and Zelenetsky and Dr. Smirnov too were bowing from afar.  Now I will have to go to have breakfast.  I do not have a lesson, because Zhilik is not here, although he left us to do quite a few things.  Everyone kisses you.  Kiss Alexei and bow to Bezlyudny from me and Maria.  100,000 kisses to you.

Loving you, faithful and devoted your Kaspiyits.


11 January, 1916
To my dear Papá Darling

Tsarskoe Selo 

I am still in bed, but I think tomorrow I will get up for the first time. My bronchitis is gone now. In the morning before breakfast I stay in bed in my room and write or Shura reads to me, and I go to the playroom for breakfast, and there get into bed. Mamá comes for tea and sits until 6 o’clock. Yesterday Alexei was in a very military mood, what he did not do, he was so terribly funny.

Now we have nice weather, the sun comes out and not much melts, so that it is rather warm and nice.   Tomorrow is a month since the 1st Hundred left Mogilev. Yesterday we all wrote to Aunt Olga, as some man was going there. It’s such a shame that they took your little shovel (with this shovel the emperor cleared off the snow), but hope that they gave you a new one, or the same one! Mordvinov is probably charming, isn’t he?

We will soon have breakfast with Alexei, but he will not finish very fast, while I am done in 10 min. or faster. Mamá will now sit on the balcony with Maria. “Ortipo” and “Joy” asked to send [you] big regards and to tell you that they miss you. I am so bored sitting in bed and being unable to go to our infirmary – this is desperately boring. I send you awfully big 1000 kisses. May God keep you.

Your loving loyal and faithful Kaspiyits.

15 февраля 1916 г.

15 February, 1916

To my Precious Papa Darling

Tsarskoe Selo

It is so pleasant that the sun came out today, it has not been out for a long time. Yesterday we three little ones, so to speak, went to Anya’s infirmary where they had a concert. It was really nice. One little 10 year old girl danced the Russian [dance] with an accordion, it was so sweet, and I felt sorry for her. Delazari and Yu. Morfesi, Sasha Makarov and your friend Lersky were there as usual. He talked about an art lesson, it was so incredibly funny that the soldiers were crying from laughter. Then he talked about how you can hear the piano being played on three floors, also rather funny, and finally about the zoo, how they explain all the animals, etc. Nikolai Dmitrievich was also there, and Irina Tolstaya. While Olga and Tatiana were at their infirmary at this time, and they also had a concert.  Fersen Bezobrazov and various young ladies played the balalaikas there, and many others.

So you think we are not going to [another] concert, right? You are mistaken, we are going to the Grand Palace, where they will have something like a comedy of the crooked mirror, so we are going there as they begged us desperately. “Sleep the achievement of pride, everyone sleep.” Now I will have the arithmetic lesson. Maria and Aleksei have colds and they don’t go out except to the infirmaries. Well I will end. I send you an awfully big kiss. Regards to yours. Your loving loyal and faithful Kaspiyits.

March 5, 1916
To my precious and darling Papá

Tsarskoye Selo

Here I am sending you the photos I took and you wanted them.  Olga and I, we have not been on the tower now, but Tatyana and Maria go and say that now it’s very good there now. We ride a triple, it’s nice, but since it’s starting to melt now, then such pieces fall into the physical, horror and sometimes even pain, but I endure this pain.  Mamá is reading your letter to us, which she received today. We just arrived from church and already had lunc.

Maria asked me to tell you that the Tower was very good and that the ladder was poured over with rotten water, which they took from the small pond near the Tower.  Sidor was very funny when he gave her orders where and how she was to work. Fyodorov did not forget his duty either and gave orders to everyone.  It is foggy now, but the fog is not very strong. Bye-bye, until tomorrow.

To my precious and darling Papá

Tsarskoye Selo

Well I greet you with a good morning. We already went to church and had breakfast with Isa too. And now Von Nerik, a commander from my regiment was here to [see] me. His face is most simple, not very German as a face. He said that the regiment is stationed in the same spot, and right now he is in reserves only for 12 days, and then they will sit in the trenches for 12 days, but still every day about 10 or more lower ranks are wounded, but very few officers, so all is well.

We will now go to the Grand Palace, this is not fun, and they will go riding, and then to Anya’s, and a magician will be there, a very good one I think. Well I must go get dressed. I give you an awfully huge kiss. Regards to all yours. Your loving loyal and faithful Kaspiyits. May God keep you. Sleep well

To my precious and darling Papá

Tsarskoye Selo

I am terribly grateful to You for my golden Papa Darling for the photo and for the terribly appetizing egg.  And I wish you all the best.  And I thank you for the flowers that we received yesterday and I love them terribly, they are called “prosurenichki”.

It’s terribly sad that you are not here with us, but those who are with you they are very happy to have you around.  I send a bow to everyone.  I kiss You terribly strong and many small kisses on your hand, and cheek, and everywhere.  Your loving, loyal and faithful forever and everywhere.  Kaspiyits.  God bless You.

May 31, 1916
To my precious and darling Papá

Tsarskoye Selo 

Now we have lessons, and from tomorrow we will have lessons, but it will not be in the day and it’s very nice.  We are now with Maria a lot of rocking on giant steps.  We almost do not vomit, they have fallen a lot of times, but so far we have not been injured damaged. We have just ridden, because there were no lessons and now we are waiting for Mamá and sisters from the infirmary.

We go there in the evenings, and I play croquet that stands on the table.   It’s quite small, but it’s fun to play.  I play and 3 officers all evening until I get sent to sleep, although I almost always go myself without an invitation.  Now it will be necessary to finish writing because it’s time to have breakfast on the balcony.  Today it is windy, but there is sun, and a little warm.

With appetite I listen to Your and Alexey’s letters during a snack or breakfast.  Forgive me for writing in different ink color, but I’m writing in Mamá’s room. Well! I strongly kiss your lovely cheeks and hands, and Alexei. God bless You. Your loving, loyal and faithful 14-year-old Kaspiyits.

June 5, 1916
To my precious and darling Papá

Tsarskoye Selo

My golden Papá Darling!  Many thanks to you for the long letter and for all the wonderful gifts.  I’m sending you my pictures, please, be an angel and give them to all those whose names are written on the back side, and those which are not inscribed, those are to you, if you want them.  The weather is rotten and cold, and it rains from time to time.  We’ve just finished breakfast, and now I’m sitting and answering telegrams, and then we seem to be going for a drive.

We also heard about Viktor Erastovich and we were told that he was wounded in the chest.  Mamá’s ambulance train arrived to take them, as Mamá wrote that if it is possible, they took them, him and Skvortsov, who was lightly wounded, and brought them here. I received a telegram from Igor, today is his birthday.  I got a little brooch, medallion and Mamá – an old silver bracelet, very appetizing.

I, unfortunately, must finish writing, because I will have Iza, Trina and Nastenka congratulating and therefore I need to be present.  Once again, I’m awfully grateful to You for everything. I kiss you very hard 100,000 times.  Your loving, loyal and faithful Kaspiyits. 15 year-old.

June 9, 1916
To my precious and darling Papá

Tsarskoye Selo 

My golden Papá Darling.  I’ve just played with Maria ping-pong and we were so incredibly excited, we screamed and laughed, so now my hands are shaking like I’m a shell-shocked.  It seems that soon they will bring Victor Erastovich to our Feodorovsky hospital, he has also asked for one cornet from the Tekinsky regiment, they will be brought from Poltava.  Of course it’s nice.  We are now moving with the infirmary nearby, overlooking the Convoy’s Assembly and the Cathedral. There will now be an infirmary, very cozy. We went there with Maria several times to look and we were satisfied.  Today Mamá, Olga and Tatyana are going to the city to the Supreme Council, I do not envy them, and Maria and I are staying here.  We are still swinging in the hammock. So, when Vera and George were here, they had breakfast with their mother (Grand Duchess Elizabeth Mavrikievna with children).

We took them with us and swung them in a hammock. Vera was pleased, and George began to be a coward, and then Vera and George started to fight, and we set them on each other a little bit and laughed. Now it will probably rain, but I’m certainly not afraid of this, since I’m such a brave soldier.  Here it’s already raining, congratulations!!!  I wrote everything that is new and more interesting, and everything else is all the same.  Well, I’m finishing my foolish message with a huge mass of kisses to You and Alexei. The Lord is with thee.  Send my bow to everyone.  Miss you.  Loving you, your loyal and faithful little Kaspiyits.  The sisters send kisses to You.

June 24, 1916
To my precious and darling Papá

Tsarskoye Selo 

My golden Papá Darling. Maria and I have just been lying on the grass in front of the balcony.  It was terrific and pleasant, but now I’m of raspberry color.  We are waiting for Mom and sisters for breakfast. Today Sashka will have breakfast with us. on the table Next to me there are yours and Alexei’s letters that have just brought.  

Maria seems to have written to you that in our infirmary we have a new officer of the 10th Infantry Regiment, he is wounded in his hand, his name is Zhilinsky, in my opinion, he is cute, although we still do not know him very well. Victor Erastovich is very worried when and how will the 1st Sotnya (squadron) arrive.  The four of us made a fire and jumped over it. It was wonderful.  We broke the old branches with blunt knives and with hands, and then swayed in hammocks.  Now there are two hammocks, Maria has one too, and they are hanging one behind another. 

Do you remember yesterday it was 3 years that we had a picnic in the Sheher in the evening and we all danced and Artemiev told different stories.  I read the diary and so I remembered everything to the smallest detail from beginning to end.   That’s when it was good!!! Now everything is as it used to be before.  I had a runny nose and cough, I’m very ashamed, as it is not supposed to be in the summer, but it’s a little better now.   So now I’ve sneezed, and You’ve told me «Bless you”, thank you very much for this.  Well, I finish my letter with lots of kisses to You and Alexei 1,000 times.  May God be with you. Sleep well. Loving You.

Your loyal and faithful Kaspiyits.

July 2,  1916
To my precious and darling Papá

Tsarskoye Selo 

Yesterday, Zhilik came to us and talked a lot about you all. He had lunch with us.  Yesterday at 4 o’clock there was a prayer before the Grand Palace for the 4th Sotnya.   So sorry for them all.   Many of which we know in person, but unfortunately not by last name.   Horses are all loaded. As well as they are. After the moleben, they all passed us and sang, and we, when we left, went through the garden to our station and waited, soon we heard a zurna, saw dust and they showed up. Then we got even closer and they all walked past us again, but now it was not official as except for them and the officers there was no one and it was very good.

Mobile kitchens and carts — all went past us, then the officers got off their horses and we trampled on them and left.   We felt pity!   After they were loaded, they went to the Convoy, and they saw them off, sang, and at 10:25 they left. Today they will show films to the wounded in the Manege. I am very happy as we all go and Mamá, too.   Today the weather is warm and the sun is there.   I write you between lessons because I have little time.   Maria and I rock in the hammock sometimes and she overturns me each time and I fall down right on my face.   Well, I have to finish.   The priest is already coming.   I wholeheartedly kiss you Papá Darling and Alexashka a 1,000 times.

Loving you, your loyal and faithful little Kaspiyits. 

July 17,  1916
To my precious and darling Papá

Tsarskoye Selo

Maria and I have just been in the infirmary of the Grand Palace, and now we sit and wait for Mamá and sisters for breakfast. It’s raining and the weather is nasty.   Today we were at the service in the Lower Church of the Palace Infirmary, because Mamá wanted to work in the infirmary.   There’ll be christening of Loman’s grandson at 2 p.m. and Mother will be there as she is his Godmother and we four will accompany her to make a crowd.

Today we met Father Shavelsky and Ioann (archpriest Ioann Kronshtadsky), they were driving from the station in the car.   Some of me pictures were good, which I made in Mogilev, and next time, when I write you, I will send you them, if Hahn (Emperor’s photographer) deign to print them for me.   Now I imagine all your walks on the Dnieper, how good it was there!   When I stood in the church today, I imagined how you stand and what is being done.

Have you heard anything about the 4th Sotnya, where they are now and what they are doing.   Well, I have to finish already.   Thousand hugs and kisses to You, Papá darling and to Alexei. God bless You. Loving you, your loyal and faithful as a dog nad even more. Kaspiyits.

August 8, 1916

To my precious and darling Papá

Tsarskoye Selo

I’m soaking wet now, since we’ve just walked. Today it’s very hot. It’s awfully nice.  We are still not quite used to being here again. It was so good in Mogilev, terrific, and it was great to live in train and so on. It’s awfully nice to remember how we tortured Mordvinov.  I can hear Mamá and the sisters are back from the infirmary and I’ll go to breakfast with them, and then I’ll finish writing.  We’ve already had breakfast, and now I am writing to you, and then we’ll go to our hospital with Maria.  3 new officers arrived to our infirmary – one is from Pavlovsky regiment, another one is artilleryman.  We received a letter from Peter Vasilyevich, where he writes that you are swimming.  I’d love to go swimming!

We were at an early service today as Mamá communed, and we represented the public as there was no one except us and Anya, — there was “my husband”, but even he left.   We again continue to study and we started again all the same.   I think Mamá won’t go for a ride , because she is very hot and she wants to have rest. Have you heard anything about the 4th Sotnya?

Since no one here knows anything and does not receive letters. Well, I have to finish.  I eagerly want to see You and Alexei again.   Thousand kisses to both of you. God bless You.  Loving you, your loyal and faithful 15-year-old Kaspiyits. Everyone sends kisses.

September 17, 1916
To my precious and darling Papá

Tsarskoye Selo 

My dear precious Papá!

This morning there was a small but nasty snow, and now there is the sun, but it’s cold … Everything is still the same.  We played tennis with our wounded officers the other day, they are already playing pretty well as they practice every day …

August 20, 1916
To my precious and darling Papá

Tsarskoye Selo 

My dear precious Papá. How nice to see you soon with us!

Today we did not have much of a fit since of course we take a lot of things. We just had breakfast with Madame Zizi and Shura. I apologize for writing so badly, but the paper is desperately dirty.

The weather is just awful. It is always raining. We have not seen the real sun from the visit to Mogilev. Everyone is very tired. It’s nice to see Mordvinov and Nikolai Pavlovich.  I’m in a great hurry to write as we now have to go to the Grand Palace to say goodbye to them, because tomorrow after the service we will go to our hospital until departure.  Tatyana received your letter and went to carry out your order.

Well, that’s all the news.

September 25, 1916

To my darling Papá

Tsarskoye Selo

We have just finished breakfast and now we’re making up what we should do this afternoon.  The weather is not good, it’s cold and damp, everything is wet from rain.  We were at the Vigil last night at the Cathedral, and Maria Pavlovna was also there, she asked us to take her with us, and she was terribly pleased.  She seemed to be there only once, and even then at the day service.   We were at the early day service today and then Marie and I went to our infirmary.   Viktor Erastovich came from Essentuki and Alexander Konstantinovich Shvedov.

The first has lost some weight, but says that the arm is perfectly good and that he is healthy, I do not know if it is the truth.   Please tell Zhilik that I thank him for writing.   Interesting how the «Mysterious Hand» is made now.   Zhilik wrote to us, but this Tuesday he won’t, I’m sorry for you!   I hope my pictures will soon be ready, then I’ll send them to you.   I really want to see you darling Papá.   Well, it’s time to finish my letter. Kisses to both of you.  God bless You.   Loving you, your loyal and faithful Kaspiyits.   My regards to Nikolai Pavlovich, Mr. Grabbe and others.

September 29, 1916

To my golden Papa Darling

Tsarskoe Selo

Again I am writing to you between lessons. Yesterday we did nothing interesting. Went to our infirmary. In the evening they told us on the telephone that one of the officers has the mumps and there will be 3 weeks of quarantine. We did not see him as he was already in bed when we were there, but at the time they did not know what’s wrong with him. How tiresome!

Great, just before our departure! – Now we cannot see them at the infirmary. In the evenings Olga and I, and sometimes Maria, fly around our rooms on bicycles, full speed ahead. Olga chases me or I her, very pleasant. Sometimes we fall, but are still alive for now!

The lessons just ended and I am going frishtyking (translator’s note:to have breakfast”, from German früstüken) with Mamá and the sisters, although not sure if they returned yet. In the afternoon we will go to the Grand Palace, and then I don’t know what we will do. The weather is rotten; there is a strong Gale and occasional rain. – Well my Papá Darling, it’s time to finish. I am awfully happy that I will see you [soon]. I kiss you and Alexei 1,000 times. Your loving, loyal and faithful Kaspiyits. Regards to Nik. Pavlovich and others. Everyone sends a big kiss.

October 17, 1916
To my golden Papá Darling

Tsarskoye Selo 

I’ve just had a lesson in arithmetic and now I’m free and I have to write a lot and prepare lessons. It’s so good that you will come here!  We are all terribly excited.  The snow lies somehow strange today, there is a sun, but 3 degrees of frost, the weather is ok.  Yesterday I received a letter from Mordvinov, very sweet. You do not know if he sneezed when he received my letter from Orsha.  It’s so nice to remember, how it was good and fun in Mogilev, and how we played hide and seek in the evening.

When we returned, it was very good that there was Viktor Erastovich, otherwise it would be terribly boring, and he sat with us for a bit during the day and after dinner.  It was cozy!  Now we have lessons, we go to the infirmary and everything is the same.  We have no wounded in the infirmary, only the officer of Maria regiment from Kazan.  In the morning Mamá now goes to her infirmary for bandaging. Yesterday in the afternoon, we went for a ride with Mama, Anya and all four of us. We met very few people, almost no one is walking. Yesterday Mamá received the Countess Karlova and her daughter Merica, since she was going to get married in November, well, she came for a visit, she was pretty sweet.  Maria just walked past here and sends you kisses.

She now has a lesson, it seems to be a history.  Well, my Papá Darling, it’s time to finish. Kiss You and Alexei a thousand times very hard. My regards to Mordvinov.  God bless You. Loving you, your loyal and faithful 15-year-old Kaspiyits.



October 30, 1916
To my golden Papa Darling

Tsarskoye Selo 

So now it’s my turn to write to you.  Now I will have the last lesson with Peter Vasilievich as he is leaving today.  I envy him very much, tomorrow he will see you!  I’m sorry that I write so badly, but this pen scratches horribly and nothing is coming out with it. Now it’s raining and the weather is nasty, as it’s windy and cold — Tatiana Andreevna Gromova wrote us and told us how you and Alexei were in their infirmary with Aunt Olga.

It’s written very funny and detailed, even what You said, she was awfully glad to see you.   Yesterday we were at a concert in the Grand Palace.  They celebrated 2 years since the infirmary opened.  It was good.  There was you friend Lersky, Mamá met him for the first time, she liked him.  A lot was there — everyone sang, talked, etc., as for the rest, there is nothing new.

We continue to play the pool a little, sometimes I succeed — and then I’m happy. Viktor Erastovich sometimes comes and plays, and of course he is the best of all …  Now Olga’s is running around here, and I think she grew up and looks pretty nice.  It seems that Igor also comes to you with this letter, probably, You are very pleased!

…Well, dear Papá!  Kiss You and Alexei a thousand times very hard. God bless You. Loving you, your loyal and faithful Kaspiyets.

November 5, 1916
To my golden Papa Darling

Tsarskoye Selo Царское Село

We just got up and after the morning milk I’m going alone for a lesson, I do not know where Maria.  Well we are all like that.  Only I don’t have lesson. I slept well and saw You in a dream. There was very little snow, and the trees are covered with frost, and it is quite cold. Yesterday, we did not seem to do anything special, we went for a ride and visited our infirmaries — we palayed pool.  And in the evening we were at Mom’s infirmary — as usual.

Oh! Here is the snow!

Infirmary, Tsarskoye Selo

Today, I was sitting next to our soldier, and taught him to read, he really loves it. He began to learn to read and write here at the infirmary. Two unfortunates died, and just yesterday we were sitting with them.

27 апреля. 1918 г.


For sister Maria

I remember how we visited the infirmary so long ago. I hope all of our wounded eventually survived. Almost all of then were taken away from Tsarskoe Selo. Do you remember Lukanov? He was so miserable and so kind at the same time, and always played with our bracelets like a child. His calling card is still in my album, but the album itself unfortunately remained at Tsarskoe. Now I’m in the bedroom, writing at a desk, and on it there are photos of our beloved infirmary. You know, it was a wonderful time, when we visited the infirmary. We often remember it, and of our evening conversations on the telephone and about everything else …


To my friend




I’ll tell you how we traveled. We left early in the morning, then got on the train and I fell asleep, as well as everyone else. We were all very tired, because we did not sleep the whole previous night. The first day it was very stuffy and dusty, and we had to pull up curtains at every station so that no one could see us. One evening I looked out when we stopped near a small house, the station was not there, and it was possible to look outside.

A little boy approached me and asked me: “Sir, could you give a newspaper, if you have any”. I said: “I’m not a sir, I’m miss, and I don’t have a newspaper”. First, I did not understand why he thought I was a «Sir», and then I remembered that my hair was short-cut, and together with the soldiers who accompanied us, we laughed at this story for a long time. Anyway, there was a lot of fun on the road, and if there is time, I’ll tell you about the journey from the beginning to the end. Farewell, do not forget me. Everyone kisses you.

Your Anastasia. 

April, 1917


To my sister Maria



Iconostasis is well arranged for Easter, everything is decorated with fur tree, as it is expected here, and flowers. We took pictures, I hope they will be good. I continue to draw, they say it’s not bad, it’s a pleasure to me. We swung on the swings, and when I fell, it was a wonderful fall!.. oh dear! I told so many times to my sisters yesterday that they are already fed up, but I can tell a lot more times, although there is already no one to tell. I have so much to tell you.

My Jimmy woke up and coughs, so he sits at home, we send you  bows. That was the weather! One could scream with pleasure. I tanned the most, curious enough, just like an acrobat! And these days are boring and ugly, it’s cold, and we were cold this morning, although we did not go home … Very sorry, I forgot to congratulate you all my beloved on the holidays, I kiss all of you not three, but a lot of times. Everyone, darling is very grateful for the letter.

 August, 1917

To the Grand Duchess Ksenia Alexandrovna


These days we have the sun almost all the time, and already begins to warm, so nice! That’s why we try to spend more time outdoors. — We don’t go for sliding downhill anymore (although the hill is still there), because it was spoiled and the ditch was dug across, so that we could not go, well, whatever; looks like they calmed down for now, because it’s been a pain in everyone’s neck. Very weak and stupid, isn’t it. — Well, now we have found a new occupation for ourselves. We saw and chop the wood, it’s useful and very fun to work with. We do it quite well already. Doing that we help many people, and for us it’s fun.

We Clean even the paths and the entrance, turned into yard-keepers. — While I have not turned into an elephant, but it can still be in the near future, I do not know why all over sudden, there may be few movements, although I do not know. — I apologize for the awful handwriting, the hand is not moving well for some reason. We all go this week and sing ourselves at our house. We were in the church, finally.

And one can also receive communion there too. — Well, how are you all and what are you doing? There is nothing special to write about. Now we must finish, since now we will go to our yard, work, etc.— Everybody hugs you and I, hug you too, and everyone else too.

All the best, Auntie darling.

 April 24/May 7, 1918

To my sister of Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna


Indeed He is Risen!

My dear Mashka darling. How glad we were to receive news, we shared impressions! I apologize for writing crookedly on paper, but it’s just from stupidity. I received from Al.Pav., it very nice, say hi, and to you too. How is everyone? And Sashka and the rest. You see, of course, as always the number of rumors is huge, well, you know, it’s difficult and you do not know who to believe and it’s disgusting, as half of it is nonsense, and there is nothing else, well, and therefore we believe. Kl. Mikh.(20) comes to baby-sit. Alexei is awfully nice as a boy and tries his best… (do you remember, together with you on the bench). We have breakfast with Alexei in turns and make him eat, but sometimes there are days, when he eats without forcing. In my thoughts I’m always with all of you, my dear. It’s terribly sad and empty, I do not know what to do. Baptismal crosses (21) are of course with us, and цу рфму received the news from you, the God will help and he does.

Iconostasis is well arranged for Easter, everything is decorated with fur tree, as it is expected here, and flowers. We took pictures, I hope they will be good. I continue to draw, they say it’s not bad, it’s a pleasure to me. We swung on the swings, and when I fell, it was a wonderful fall!.. oh dear! I told so many times to my sisters yesterday that they are already fed up, but I can tell a lot more times, although there is already no one to tell. I have so much to tell you. My Jimmy woke up and coughs, so he sits at home, we send you  bows. That was the weather! One could scream with pleasure. I tanned the most, curious enough, just like an acrobat! And these days are boring and ugly, it’s cold, and we were cold this morning, although we did not go home … Very sorry, I forgot to congratulate you all my beloved on the holidays, I kiss all of you not three, but a lot of times. Everyone, darling is very grateful for the letter.

We also had manifestations well, — weakly.

We are sitting, as usual all together, we are missing you in this room. Tell the golden pope that we are grateful for the cigarettes (in Russian written as smoke), we smoke them with taste, — please, excuse me for such an awkward letter, you know, my thoughts are galloping and want to write everything and jump on each thought that comes into my head. Soon we’ll go for a walk, summer has not come yet and nothing is blossoming, the summer is dragging it’s feet.

So I want to see you, (you know) it’s sad! I’m going for a walk. Well, I came back. It’s boring, there is no even wish to walk. We swung. The sun came out, but it is cold and the hand hardly writes. Alexandr Al. — do you understand, Hello (this expression, which is very often repeated).

Lovely and expensive, as you regret. We believe that the God will help, — to his. — !!!… I can not and don’t know how to say what I want to express, but you will understand me I hope.

We said hello exactly as you asked, and many thanks to you and wishing of the same. How nice it is here, they are blessing all the time in almost all the churches, it is very cozy.

Sasha and her friends were saying (we heard) that they were cold and very hungry and they almost killed them, poor things, they are slightly curious about what they are guilty of and what for, it is not clear. Yesterday we went to see small pigs. It’ muddy in our garden, but now the soil is frozen. It’s so boring, it’s been a long time we didn’t receive any news from Kate(22). There was a laugh from the road … I need to tell about it personally and we shall laugh about it. We’ve just had tea. Alex. was with us and we ate so much of Easter cake that now I’m going to burst up.

When we sing with each other, it comes out very bad, because we need a fourth voice, and you are not here, and on this subject we are joking a lot. Very weak, but sometimes there are funny jokes. We spend evenings at…, yesterday we told fortune by books. You know her, and sometimes we work… We do everything as we were asked… to kiss you all dear and other things, I will not amplify, you will understand anyway.

Russa, although she is nice, but she is strange and irritates, as she doesn’t understand and it’s intolerable. Once I almost got rude, stupid. Well, I think I wrote enough of nonsense. Now I’ll write more, and then I’ll read, it’s nice that there is free time. Good buy for now. I wish you all the best and happiness, we constantly pray for you and think of you, may God help you. Christ is with you, dear. I embrace strongly all of you… and kiss you…