I want everyone to be happy.


Tsarskoye Selo

I like to think, to reflect. I enjoy the sun and the beauty of summer while I can do that. Who knows, maybe one of these days I will not be able to do this anymor


Tsarskoye Selo

Why am I not like the other boys?

Spala, 1912.

To my family

When I die, please, put a little monument in the park…

Царское Село

To my Mammy

I feel bright only when you are with me.

August 1, 1917, Tsarskoye Selo

Kerensky arrived, said we must go. At 6:10 AM, we left Tsarskoye Selo by train. When the train started to move, everyone went to bed and slept till breakfast. I had my breakfast, had tea and had lunch with my mom in the compartment. I played cards.

August 3, 1917

At the stations, windows curtains were closed, so that no one could see us. At 8 I had dinner with Mamá in her compartment, and had breakfast with her as well. At half past seven we went for a walk near the river Sylva with masses of soldiers. I played cards. On August 4 I woke up late. I had breakfast with Mamá in her compartment. I played cards and told fortunes to others and myself. We went for a walk near the railway for half an hour. At 11 we all boarded the steamer “Rus”. Soon I went to bed.

August 5, 1917

We watched the firewood loading. This morning, “Rus” ran aground and we stood about 2 h. I joined everyone for breakfast in the dining room. Mamá’s heart hurts and so she laid in bed all day. I had tea and dined with everyone

in the dining room. The sisters and I played with kids of enginemen. In the evening “Rus” reached the shore; I walked, picked flowers.

August 6, 1917, Tsarskoye Selo

In the morning, I played with kids of enginemen. I had breakfast and tea with everyone in the dining room. In the daytime firewood was loaded, and I walked with my sisters on the shore. At 10 we arrived to Tobolsk. The soldiers carried our staff to the pier; they told us that we cannot leave the steamer, because the house where we are supposed to live is not cleaned out yet. We slept in our cabins on the steamer.

August 7, 1917

In the morning we played with kids. I had breakfast with everyone in the dining room. It was raining in the afternoon. I played cards and told fortunes to others and myself. All this time the steamer “Rus” is tied up. The crowd is standing and watching all the time. A ship followed us with 300 soldiers and 6 officers. It’s name is “Kormilets”.

August 14, 1917

In the morning I walked on the deck and played with Masha. At half past 10 Papá, О[lga], М[aria] and А[nastasia] and I went on foot along the street to the governor’s house to live there. Mamá and Т[atiana] followed us a cab. Officers walked behind Mamá, and soldiers stood on either side. We all watched the whole house, the garden, the kitchen, the guardroom.


September 1, 1917 

…Comissar Pankratov has arrived*… * Commissar of the Provisional Government Vasily Pankratov.

October 5, 1917

At 11 o’clock there was a prayer, because they did not allow liturgy and to go to church. Fools

October 18, 1917

The whole day passed unnoticed. I’m starting to walk a bit.

October 18, 1917

The whole day passed unnoticed. I’m starting to walk a bit.

October 19, 1917

The whole day passed cheerful.

October 29, 1917

At 8 we were in church before an early liturgy. Kolya* didn’t come to me, as he had coughing and running nose.

*Kolya Derevenko, the playmate, the son of a physician of the heir — Vladimir Nikolayevich Derevenko.

November 7

Finally I walked in the morning and afternoon. During the day, my father, my sisters and I carried wood to the barn. Today is the first day — 16.



How hard and boring…