Save and forbid God and have mercy on the New Year of 1917

September 20th, 1914

«Omen» and bandaging. Kotypov from 103d Petrozavodsky regiment visited me, he was wounded to his left knee, Bakher from 107th Troitsky regiment got a wound of knee-joint. Visited others. We were playing dice with Karangozov (on his bed), Zhdanov and Krat, it was joyful. By breakfast the uncle Mimi has come. It was farewell prayer in the church. At 2.30 we went to see off dear Papa. He was leaving for Supreme High Command General Headquarters and etc. It’s very sad. Save him God. I was walking with Anastasia to the storehouse. Was having tea with Mama. Then lunch with Maria and Dmitry. After 10 pm went to bed. Sun and wind. 2 degrees.

September 21st, 1914

We were at the liturgy. Breakfast and lunch with Mama. At 2.30 pm 4 of us together with her went to Alexei’s train, and brought over 200 wounded men and 14 officers. There are seriously wounded men. We had tea at Ania’s. She has problems with the veins in the knee. At 4 pm we went to our hospital. Dropped in to all ours and went to the Big Hospital for bandaging. There are 29 newly wounded. We worked on three tables up to 6.30 pm, then returned back to ours. I was bandaging Churokaev from 286th Kirsanovsky regiment, he is head wounded. Bersenok from 105th Orenburg regiment has a fracture of right shin-bone, and wound. Kostikov from 115th Viazemsky regiment is thigh wounded. We were playing dice with Karngozov, Zhdanov and Anastasia, then Mama joined us. At 7.30 pm we left. From 9 to 11.30 pm we were staying at Ania’s with Nikolai Petrovich, was so cosy, then brought him to the train station. Papa has safely come back. They gave run to Deutch from Suvalki and Mariampol’— enemy dropped back, for a God sake. Alexei is better. The first phase of Moon.

September 21st, 1914

I was with Mama at the liturgy in the cave church 146. We went to Ani’s and to bandaging, Troshov from 111th Don regiment came to me, they were taking off sequester from the left thigh — the shot was not deleted, it stuck too deep. They removed fragment from the right shoulder of Zinoviev from 111th Don regiment. Zhebiakov from 112th Ural regiment is left leg wounded.

We were sitting at ours. Were casting a lot — it was joyful and comfortable. Was having breakfast and having tea with Mama. The we were walking with Anastasia, working at the storehouse. At 6 pm we both went to Ania. There was Grigory Efimovich , Zina and duchess there, everybody was talking a lot and nicely. We four were having dinner, Mama was eating in the bed, because of bad headache. I’ve got Papa’s telegram from General Headquarters in Balaklav. After 10 pm we went to bed. Clear, chilly. 1.75 degrees.

146. Lower church of Fedorovsky Temple n/a St Blessed Seraphim Sarovsky. Referring the original project of V. A. Pokrovsky, Fedorovsky Temple should not have a cave church, and place, which it occupies now, was stipulated for heating system and changing room for lower ranks. However, in the course of construction there was decided to recreate in full the temporary operating Seraphimovskaya church in the form of the cave church. The church is named “cave”, because the basement limited with original foundation was deepened.

147. Ural 112th infantry regiment was formed in 1863 from standby and no-term ranks of galitsky infantry regiment.

148. Zina — Zinaida Lvovna Menshted (Manchtet).

149. One of the districts in Sevastopol.

September 23d, 1914

We together went to «Omen» and to Ania to pick up duchess and for bandaging. Mama is lying. She has a headache and heartache. Near 2 pm came Ostashov from 111th Don regiment back and left arm wounded. Selkov from 111th Don regiment left shin-bone wounded and other 3 officers. Mikhalevsky from 54th artillery brigade is foot wounded, Stepanov from Semenovsky regiment is right thigh wounded, and Tikhomirov from 111th Don regiment is left leg wounded. We visited everybody. We were sitting with Karangozov on his bed and were taking comfortably. Were having breakfast and tea with Mama. Dinner also with her and Ania. At 2 pm

we went for praying to the refuge or orphanage of spare families. There were many children. We were walking and working in the storehouse. It was cold — sun, 2 degrees. Music lesson. There was a committee. Mama received Papa’s letter from the General Headquarters. Alexei is better.

September 24th, 1914

At 11 am we went together with Mama for bandaging. My Getanov was dissected out a bullet from his back, a bit bended, and Semenov from 93d Irkutsk regiment was dissected a bullet from his left heel. He was very joyful and funny, when woke up — was singing loudly. Philipovich from 111th Don regiment was wounded in right elbow, shoulder, and a bullet was somewhere inside, so he was breathing heavily. We dropped in to ours only for a minute. Karangozov was moving in the armchair. We were having breakfast and lunch with Mama.

At 2 pm Tatiana and I were in the Winter Palace. Praying and opening of the temporary assistance committee for those who suffered from military conflicts. Then from here I went to take donations at the commandant entrance. 10,00 rubles were donated in total. We visited Mary — had tea upstairs with Alexey. At 6 pm had a lecture, and before that Mama and I went to Ania and Grigory Efimovich, we were staying up to 11 pm with Nikolai Pavlovich. Accompanied him to the train station. Sun. Moon. Very cold. Papa sent a telegram from Rovno, he met an aunt Olga, and went to Kholm Холм. In the evening it’s 0 degrees.

September 25th, 1914

At 11 am we went together with Mama for bandaging. Tatiana’s Stepanov from 112th Ural regiment was cut off a thumb of left hand. Disenovsky from 17th Strelkovy regiment visited me, he was right arm wounded. Fetchuk from 112th Ural regiment was right foot wounded. Chubkin from 111th Don regiment was right arm wounded. We were sitting at [line through] casting, I’m on Karangozov’s bed. Had breakfast with Mama. In the afternoon were going for a walk and went to Ania. Since 3 pm to after 4 pm were sitting at hers, and our two groups of wounded men arrived there. Karangozov too.

He went out for a first time. I hope he didn’t get tired. Dropped in to the storehouse. Had tea with Mama at Alexey’s, he went out today. 3.3 degrees, sun in the evening, very well. Papa sent a telegram, he was in Osovts, garrison was cheerful. The same is in Viln. Ania had lunch. Near 11 pm went to bed.

September 29th, 1914

«Omen» and bandaging. Troshev from 111th Don regiment visited me, he was wounded in the left thigh and side. Chepanis from 106th Ufimsky regiment was wounded in the chest. Morozov from 111th Don regiment was wounded in the right thigh. We visited everybody. Mama was taking pictures of us with ours. I saw the nicest Sh. with convoy in front of the Big Palace. Breakfast, tea and lunch with Papa and Mama. Was sitting in the storehouse. Had a lecture at Ania’s. Poor Oleg passed away with the wound. «Pallada» was blown up by naval mine of the submarine and drowned. Nobody was saved. Sun, 3 degrees. Save us God.